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Title: Shake and Bleed
Words: 4K
Relationships: Gen, brotherhood
Rating: PG-13 (brief but intense violence)
Note: Set after Winged and Wounded. This is a series where Sam starts having visions of Hell in season 2, but I try to make each installment self-contained so it should be fine to read one without the other (probably). Set in season 2 with references to episodes 3, 12, and 13.
Summary: Sam's had a vision of Hellhounds dragging his brother to Hell and Sam is going to stop it.

And then Sam has a vision of himself in Hell and suddenly he's not too sure how he's going to stop any of it.

Overall, Sam counts the vampire thing as a win. )
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Title: Winged and Wounded
Disclaimer: I have no claim to Supernatural and all that entails.
Words: 3, 498
Pairings: Nothing that's not canon, so some mention of past Sam/Jess. Present Gen.
Warnings: Probably PG/PG-13 for some language and a little bit of blood. Not beta'd.
Summary: What if, shortly after losing John, Sam has a vision of hounds dragging Dean to Hell?

The first strange vision he has is of Dean. )

Continued in Shake and Bleed
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Title: The Stand
Disclaimer: do not own
Words: 4, 468
Rating: PG
Genre: Gen
Note: So, I had this GREAT image in my head of Dean as a hunter who adapted to Purgatory: dressed in the hides of monsters so that he almost looks like a monster himself. He’s facing off with Sam, who’s dressed in Lucifer’s chains, and one of his eyes is black and one is green and human. And, it’s a cool art idea, except for the fact that I can’t draw. So I tried to write it. It mostly came out as mad rambling.
Note 2: Pretty canon-divergent. Sam is in the Cage and Dean is somehow still in Purgatory at the same time. How did this happen, you ask? The world may never know.
Summary: They’ve never been further apart. But if he has to, Dean will tear down the very fabric of reality to find his brother.
- - -

Read more... )


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